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Friday, November 25, 2011

Google + (plus) new social cum business search engine…a comparison between Google plus and facebook

Google + (plus) new social cum business search engine…a comparison between Google plus and facebook

Yes, you can believe in it like other Google products. Google trying to made it special for you by incorporating features which suites your business. You can make your website or blog more popular by incorporating and by enforcing to add your site in Google plus. No doubt it is going to compete with facebook popularity. In other countries like USA, Britain and other European countries, it became very popular. But in India it is at starting mode. Indian people are using it only for their business growth and popularity rather for social purpose.

How to get a verified badge and vanity URL for your Google+ Page

Yes, it’s working is somewhat similar to and little bit different to facebook.

How you can add Google plus to your site is well illustrated by Tony John.  How to download all your Facebook data to Google plus?However your friends in Gmail list is automatically can be added in Google plus circle. Yes, in Google plus you can increase or decrease circles by just one click. Circles are categories like friends, family, business, seniors, politicians etc. In Google plus finding friends is also easy with respect to your nearby, or by searching name etc. You can add all your facebook friends and data in it also.

 How to link Google+ page to your website
Notification center is somewhat looked confusing to me as it is not clearly illustrated.

Yes, in stream you can post your data, ideas or your view or links from your site pages and can share with your friends and others by clicking simply on share. Here you can also choose a particular circle also. No doubt this sharing option make it completely business oriented and simple approach to share idea from businessman to their clients.

Online chatting option is somewhat equal to facebook, so facebook users can be addicted to Google plus also easily. Why facebook is so popular…Is facebook safe...

 Software of Google plus is very heavy than facebook that’s make me disappointing. But both software’s are somewhat slow.

Privacy you can manage here also like in facebook.

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