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Monday, April 29, 2013

ARS NET objective type questions

1.                  Which pigment is present in tomato – Lycopene


2.                  The discoverer of microbial world was : Antony van Leeuwenhoek


3.                  The resolution of a compound microscope is : 0.2 microns


 4.   All the following bacteria can produce endospores except :

(A) Bacillus (B) Corynebacterium

(C) Clostridia (D) Sporosarcina                   (Ans. (B) Corynebacterium)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Google adsense meaning and tips

Google adsense what it means or what it stand for, so may of questions in your mind then I will help you to find the answer of these one by one. Google adsense means displaying Google ads in your blog or site for which Google pay. These ads are of so many types, depending on content in your blog Google allows to display these ads in your blog. There are so many people around us who don’t know or may be shocked by knowing that we can earn money through online. It is not so simple but on the other side it is also not impossible. If you have knowledge about a particular subject than make a blog and start earning through Google adsense and so many other third parties available on internet, they are agar to pay you provided that you follow their policies. Goggle is very strict in their policies. Google adsense is big name at the moment in the market and paying for so many of bloggers. Don’t be amazed you can be one. So start earning through Google adsense.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Objective Type Questions for NET (Postharvest/ Food Science)

Objective Type Questions for NET (Postharvest/ Food Science)

Objective type of questions : NET only

1.          Carbohydrate content in potato is:

(A)   12%
22%  ƴ
(C)   32%
2.    Which refrigerant is commonly used is used in cold storage in our country
(A)   Ethylene
(C)   Ammonia ƴ
Sodium Bcnzoatc
3.   Mango variety having strong flavour is

(A)   Dashart
(C)    Langra ƴ
4.   Pineapple variety suitable for canning is :

(A)   Queen
Kew ƴ
(C)    Mauritius
5.   Richest source of Riboflavin is :

(A)   Papaya
(C)   Bael ƴ
6.   Richest source of iron is:

(A)   Mango
(C)   Pomegranate
Dry Karonda ƴ
7.   Which one of the following is a Climacteric type of fruit ?
(A)   Banana ƴ
(C)   Litchi
8.   Which of the following is non-Climacteric type of fruit ?
(A)   Pineapple

(C)   Grape
All of these  ƴ
9.  "Most suitable packaging material" for cut flowers is :
(A)   Wooden boxes
Plastic boxes
(C)   Cardboard boxes ƴ

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Learn Microsoft Access – Part I

Learn Microsoft Access – Part I

Microsoft Access is very important for the offices, universities and other institutions. So, I am going to help you in learning of this in simple and effective way. There will be at least four parts for this so keep in touch and learn these as indicated:

1.  Start MS Access

2.  Create the database with name Google
Ø  For this click on Blank Database and then add the File name e.g. Google then click on create

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why This KolaVeri di all versions on YouTube

Why This KolaVeri di
Why This KolaVeri di song create a new history on YouTube. After release of original song many versions came in the market on different languages and also from different countries. It became a success story. Originally the song is in Tamil and English version. So, I have tried to make available all the famous versions of this song on one plate form, so these are as:

1. Original song: Why This KolaVeri di

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wild apricot vermouth

Wild apricot vermouth 

A wine containing spices and herb is called as vermouth. The wine also has medicinal value. Vermouth of different spices level, sugar levels and alcohol level was produced and the product was evaluated for its various physio-chemical and sensory qualities. The product has besides alcohol, spices extracts imparting polyphenol, sugars, minerals, acids thus it is many times better than liquor from nutrition point of view. The technology can provide safe product to the consumers.

Vermouth is reported commercially from grapes and is of two types, Italian (sweet) and French (dry type). The alcoholic beverage contains a number of nutrients, vitamins and various phytochemicals therefore, these are considered as beneficial for health consumption in low and moderate quantity. Although the vermouth is prepared from grape, it is not documented if same a product can be prepared from wild apricot fruit. Earlier preparation and evaluation of wine from this fruit was standardized. Effortsto prepare vermouth were made and process with respect to alcohol content, sugar level and spices quantities were made. Evaluation of vermouth showed it to be an acceptable product.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Get Google Adsense Top Secretes Points

 How to Get Google Adsense Top Secretes Points

Google Adsense is the top most way of making money and the on the other side not a so easy way to get the approval. I here brought some special and simple points to increase Google Page Rank, and ways to get through Google Panda. Google Adsense is the one of the hottest product of Google. These ways are as:

1. True and unique content: Write in your own language in your blog or website and don’t copy paste from other site as it is a crime and Google is very strict to this. Google Panda can easily find this and may restrict your site to display. If your content in the blog is true means that you have written in your own language, then your site will be on the top, and on the same time readers automatically start following you. At least 30 posts should be in your blog or website before applying for Google Adsense. Your content should be lengthy and meaning full.

2. Insert links: In links to your content should be there, means there should be interlinking between your posts. Links to other sites can also be added but that should be of standards sites. Don’t add too much of links that makes content ugly and not liked by the Google Panda.