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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Himachal General knowledge for HPAS and other exams

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CSAT 2011

CSAT- The new name standing” Civil Services Aptitude Test ". In my point of view it is good and surprising move of UPSC authority. Now all the entrance test are equal and no separate preparation is required for many important entrances like CAT, Banking etc., but the standard and difficulty will be more in it. Every person has dream to go and clear the test but it is only the hard work + determination and presence of mind how plays a key role in it. With the change in syllabus at centre Government of Himachal Pradesh also changed the syllabus for Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Examination.
Gk of Himachal Pradesh administration service is going to be little more different than that of UPSC Gk. Here more concentration is on state history, geography and latest topics, whereas in UPSC:
 They are more concerned on latest hot topics and its depth is more important. There are various sites which provide excellent study material for Gk preparation and some sites also provides free magazines for the preparation.
However there are also various books and institute how helps the student to fulfil their dreams. But most important is that you should hard work.

In Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Examination for Gk you have to purchase books only and you should have the idea of local famous thinks to clear the test.

Many of persons/ students manage to clear the preliminary examination but after that they failed as the difficulty level and competition increases among the best students.

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CSAT 2011 an alarm for students preparing for HPAS

As I have earlier written that with the change in syllabus and name of IAS preliminary, the syllabus of Himachal Pradesh administration services is also changed. Now I will tell you that how to prepare for HPAS and in which area you have to concentrate.
So let’s first discuss about the question paper of CSAT (preliminary exam-IAS) :

1.      The question paper is simple but need a depth of knowledge
2.      The questions were mainly on the latest schemes followed on national level
3.      Question from history is simple and but require a good reading –so keep in touch with NCRT books. The soft copy of NCRT books is available free of cost on various sites and even on NCRT site
4.      Many of question are from agriculture side, but are simple one
5.      Questions from latest Gk are only a few (many of coaching institutes concentrated on latest Gk, and taught the whole year book 2010 published by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Government of India). The soft copy of the book is also freely available on the internet.
6.      Number of questions - 100

Conclusion for HPAS

Concentrate on Himachal Gk and keep on touch with my new blog for test series free of cost which will defiantly help in your goal set by you. The first question paper will be defiantly going to be different than that of CSAT 2011, so study good books related to Himachal Pradesh.
In my point of view pattern of questions are going to be different this year, as previously more of the questions are about the Himachal Gk but this year questions from history or latest schemes run by the government are going to dominate.
But question in HPAS are simple and not of much depth as seen in CSAT 2011.

Paper –II
1.      The questions in paper-II (Quantitative aptitude) are very simple and not require much of calculation
2.      Paragraphs asked were also simple and questions asked are direct but the number of paragraphs are more
3.      Number of questions-80 (some questions given at the end did not follow negative marking- these question is only to know your mental ability that how much fit are you for the IAS only)

Conclusion for HPAS
Paper-II requires your regularity and speed to solve all these. To prepare for this paper read English news papers daily. For reasoning book of R S Aggrval  is enough. For mathematics clear your basics.

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The word Himachal means –land of snowy mountains

Number of districts in Himachal Pradesh- 12 (Bilaspur, Chamba, Kangra, Kinnaur,  Kullu, Hamirpur, Lahul-Spiti,  Mandi, Shimla, Sirmaur, Solan and Una)

Himachal Pradesh is located in between-30°22 to 33°12 North latitude and 75°47 to 79°4 east longitude


harleen said...

wich book to read for hp gk n from where to buy?

Ghanshyam Abrol said...

Thank you Harleen
I have enclosed a list of books and previous year question paper will be added in a few days...

Gaurav said...

I require study notes of public administration & sociology urgently, if want to sold than call me urgently on +918894000157

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Gaurav Verma

J.I.T.E.S.H. @ J.I.T.U said...

hi friends,as a beginner i want to prepare for hpas. so suggest me which books and of which writers should i bought for hpas prelims. i may deem it my favour if u please mail me the list of books and previous papers on


Anjana Arya said...

sir/ madam
please send me the name of some books for preparing HAS exam or some study material

Rama Sharma said...

Hey Anjana, the following web page gives fair ideas of books for HAS and also u can buy them online

Rameshwar Dutt said...

Read the best books for preparation.

Rajinder Singh said...

Hello friends i am beginner aspirant for preparation of HPAS Exam pls suggest some important books

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Pls suggest me some for hpas exam

Anonymous said...

Pls suggest me some books for hpas exam.