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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Get Google Adsense Top Secretes Points

 How to Get Google Adsense Top Secretes Points

Google Adsense is the top most way of making money and the on the other side not a so easy way to get the approval. I here brought some special and simple points to increase Google Page Rank, and ways to get through Google Panda. Google Adsense is the one of the hottest product of Google. These ways are as:

1. True and unique content: Write in your own language in your blog or website and don’t copy paste from other site as it is a crime and Google is very strict to this. Google Panda can easily find this and may restrict your site to display. If your content in the blog is true means that you have written in your own language, then your site will be on the top, and on the same time readers automatically start following you. At least 30 posts should be in your blog or website before applying for Google Adsense. Your content should be lengthy and meaning full.

2. Insert links: In links to your content should be there, means there should be interlinking between your posts. Links to other sites can also be added but that should be of standards sites. Don’t add too much of links that makes content ugly and not liked by the Google Panda.

3. Google plus button: Add Google button below every post and in blog, and publish your content title on Google Plus. It is New Socila cum Business Search Engine, which is wonderful in its working.

4. Add correct information: when you apply for Adsense, add correct information on the site as it is one of the other important points that will help you in approval and also your money will came to this content.

5. Take help of directories: Add your blog to directories so that everyone can notice you, as example Indiblogger. There are so many sites are around us some are good and some are bad, but you see only those one who follow this some simple points.

6. Write Useful: Try to write useful as it helps your reader and you gain the success. More over if write useful material in your site then other people around you may rich to write a review for them, it will add additional income in your pocket.

7. Add useful gadgets: Add useful gadgets in your blog as it helps you and your blog look nice, don’t add too much of gadgets in your website as it make it heavy and take time in opening that looks add one. Popular articles, previous articles and subscription, and social media like gadgets are good one and make your site looking good and attractive.

8. Write regularly: Do not write like me one article in month or two articles in a day etc. Try to write in regular manner, write one article per day or per week or per fortnight interval it makes symmetry.

9. Check regularly: Check the ranking of your website ranking, as it also helps in your approval and will encourage you. Most important to check your ranking is Alexa Ranking. It should be under 10, 00,000 when you are going to apply for adsense. It will help you to receive high value ads and as a result of this more monthly income.

10. Reply to the comments: Try to reply as early as possible. It is good practice and makes your blog more attractive to readers as their quires are solved regularly.

11. Do not repeat: Do not repeat the same words in each sentence as you can see I write site, blog and website to make check the repeat of words.

So these were the most important points and will write more in another article so that you can understand completely. I am also trying to make my blog best one as we see around us. My first aim is not to make money from it, but I like to make you aware about the facts and realities. So, trying to write the best article for my readers and help them to achieve the success. There are so many of sites around us which help you to get blogs free of cost like Blogger and word press Wordpress. I wish you all the best…..

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