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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Set up a processing unit

During every financial year the budget for each unit is decided, corresponding to the targets set. The products that are being processed vary with the availability of cash crops in and around the locality. The main processed products at cottage level are halved peaches, jam, squash, fruit drinks, chutney and pickles etc.
The processing of fruits into different products can be manually handled or through the use of machine (very limited). The unit should be best suited for the demonstration to the farmers and entrepreneurs.
Objectives of fruit processing units should be:
1. Utilization of surplus fruits
2. Provide employment opportunities
3. production of quality produce
Lay out plan of a good unit:
·         The unit should follow the principles laid down by the FPO.
·         Sanitary requirements by the plant should be fully followed.
·         The premises should be fully cleaned, ventilated and white washed.
·         Windows and doors should be suited to fly proof besides a fly trap mechanism can be there.
·         The water used in the plant must be potable.
·         The plant should have an efficient drainage system and adequate provisions for disposal of refuse.
·         There should have sufficient toilets for the workers separately.
·         The workers engaged in processing must be provided with aprons, headwear’s and gloves.
A. Processing hall
 Machinery and Equipments:
1.               Fruit crusher
2.               Hydraulic press
3.               Pulpers:- Citrus pulper, Baby pulper and Fruit pulper
4.               Weighing scale
5.               Punching machine
6.               Can reformer
7.               Flanging machine
8.               Seamer
9.               Double jacketed open steam kettles 3 nos.
10.           Exhaust box
11.           Double seamer
12.           Set of processing and cooling tanks
13.           Kerosene fueled burner
14.           Grinding machine
15.           Boiler
   B. packing and grading rooms
   C.  Store Rooms
   D. Administrative block   
For  can preparation:
Machinery required:-
                Can reformer                                  
                Can flanger
                Can seamer
                Punching machine
                Double seamer

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