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Monday, October 3, 2011

Statistical Data Analysis Through ‘Agris’ software

There were two different application of this software, which are to be run one by one for statistical data analysis. These applications are as “AGDATA” and “AGRES.exe”. The application run only on WINDOW XP. So for statistical data analysis, first run “AGDATA” as:

1. Double click on “AGDATA”

2. Select FACTORIAL ANOVA data (only with arrow buttons) and then press enter

3. Then it will ask for ‘Name of Data File’ gave the name as per your convince (but it should be less than 6 characters) e.g. for Production, I have entered ‘prod

4. Then it will ask for ‘Number of Factors’ (enter the number of factors here 2 or 3 or 4) e.g. My data contains Days and Treatments that means two factors, so, I will enter 2 here

5. Then it will ask for ‘Number of Replications’ (enter the number as replications you have taken) e.g. I have taken three replications so I will enter 3

6. Then it will ask ‘Enter NAME of Factor 1’ (enter only one character) e.g. as I suggested at point 4 that there are two factors Days and Treatment. So, I select Treatment first and gave the name T

7. Then it will ask ‘Enter LEVELS of T’ (enter here numbers of treatments you have) e.g. As I have selected Treatments then suppose my treatments are as dilutions as 1:2, 1:3 and 1:4 that means 3 so I have to enter 3 here

8. Then it will ask ‘Enter NAME of Factor 2’(enter only one character) e.g. My second factor is Days. So, I enter D

9. Then it will ask ‘Enter LEVELS of D’ (enter here numbers of Days you have studied) e.g. I have taken reading at an interval of 0, 7, 14, 21 and 28 that means five days intervals are there. So, I enter 5

10. Then a screen will appear as shown in figure below, only press Down Curser Button and write here the complete name of file, as per your convince and press Down Curser Button.

11. Select the Data from Excel file. In this arrange replication below the each treatment only in excel file, Select the data and copy it.

12. Again click on the AGRIS screen appeared and right click with the help of mouse only on the red coloured margin I have marked and click on edit and then paste.

13. Press F10

14. And close the screen

Now run the second application “AGRES.exe”

1. Double click on “AGRES.exe”

2. Then select the CRD or RBD through arrow keys and press enter

3. Then it will ask for “NAME of out file” then gave the same name as you given above e.g. I have given ‘prod’ name for Production so, I have to enter here only ‘prod

4. Then it will again ask for NAME of file then again enter the same name e.g. I will enter ‘prod’ again

5. Then it will may or may not ask you for ---“ 1. Ascending; 2. Descending”. Enter ‘1’ for Ascending and ‘2’ for Descending---- similarly it can ask you for ‘LSD’ or ‘DMART’. Only enter the LCD number 1 or 2 as appear on the screen (software may or may not ask you, as per your data)

6. Press enter, your data is analyzed completely. For any confusion do ask…


Binod Kumar said...

ghanshyamji while working on agres/agdata how can we takeout print on laser printer. because it gives only in DMP.

Ghanshyam Abrol said...

hi Binod Kumar,
There is no need of printing the document directly. you can save it first on disk and then take the print...


I would like to know how to work on CRD (complete randomized design) and its interpretation.Can you please help.

Tutorsindia said...

Statistical Data analysis
Thanks for sharing helpful info..try to share more information .

Kannan K said...

how to analysis mutilocation test for G*E analysis for stability.

Unknown said...

Pls send 64 bit agres software..