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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wild apricot wine

Wild apricot (Prunus arminica) is found in abundance in the dry and temperate region of India especially in Himachal Pradesh. The fruit is neither relished for table purpose mainly due to its high acidity and low sugar contents nor processed into any commercial product, at present. The dried fruits are used mainly for preparation of hard liquor.   Distilled beverages contain high levels of alcohol and completely lack nutrients, consumption of which results in various disorders as well as malnutrition. Fruit wine on the other hand contains a number of nutrients and is low in alcohol; therefore these are considered as beneficial for health consumption in low and moderate quantity. Wild apricot fruit can also be converted into wine. A wine containing spices and herb is called as vermouth and can be prepared from wild apricot. In order to improve the quality of wild apricot wine is proposed to be blended with honey. Effect of different wood chips in order to improve quality of wine is also studied. These products have better evaluation for its various physiochemical and sensory qualities than fruit itself.

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