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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Google adsense meaning and tips

Google adsense what it means or what it stand for, so may of questions in your mind then I will help you to find the answer of these one by one. Google adsense means displaying Google ads in your blog or site for which Google pay. These ads are of so many types, depending on content in your blog Google allows to display these ads in your blog. There are so many people around us who don’t know or may be shocked by knowing that we can earn money through online. It is not so simple but on the other side it is also not impossible. If you have knowledge about a particular subject than make a blog and start earning through Google adsense and so many other third parties available on internet, they are agar to pay you provided that you follow their policies. Goggle is very strict in their policies. Google adsense is big name at the moment in the market and paying for so many of bloggers. Don’t be amazed you can be one. So start earning through Google adsense.

1. Crate a blog/site

2. Have at least 40 posts

3. For Indian bloggers your blog must be 6 months old (if you are going to apply through your blog and If you have already got the Google adsense then there is no need of waiting 6 months. You can apply only after one month)

4. Post regularly in your blog/site

5. Create useful links

6. Be regular in replying the answers asked in your blog

7. Blog template should be eye catching

8. Title and tags should be according to content written in the blog

9. Posts on blog should not be a mixture of things, it should focus on particular subject

10. Have patience

11. Content written in your blog must be in your own language and should not be a copied material

Only these points if you follow you will be successful. Still have doubt you can ask.

When you write content in your blog, then writing in paragraphs or without heading doesn’t means much and even looks boring so write the content by giving proper headings. These are small – small points but are very useful one. Don’t panic or start your work in hurry. Be always motivated in life. Money is big term.

Sometimes it is easy to make money on the other hand very difficult.