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Friday, September 16, 2011

How to clear bank exam: A unique and simple approach

At present banking sector is growing with faster rate and this sectors generating thousands of jobs each year and they need millions of volunteers at this time. So get ready to have a good job. For latest banking jobs subscribe yourself at In this article you will find simple + practical approach that will lends you all the success. In banking mostly there are two posts for which different tests are conducted and falls on two categories:
Bank jobs
Prohibitionary officers (PO)
Written + descriptive

1. Common approach for written test:

a. English (necessary): You need to clear this part, only then other parts will be going to count. For this read daily newspaper, practice on English grammar and increase your vocabulary. There are lots of online website which can help you free of cost in this regard one such site is subscribe yourself to this site. Make habit to write a topic per day that will help you in improving your confidence, vocabulary and also help in descriptive test (PO and AO post).

b. Aptitude test/ math’s: it is scoring sector which not only help to score high but also help in finally when compiling of scores (test + interview + academic scores) are done. To make this area strong start solving previous year question papers for this you can subscribe yourself at or It will increase your speed (time management). For this purchase book from local market or by from

c. Reasoning : simple and highly scoring part, needs just presence of mind so go to market purchase book of reasoning by R S Aggrval.

d. General Knowledge (GK): It is very important for banking you need latest Gk and more related bank (RBI policies). So for this subscribe at or follow the (going to include previous years solved papers).

2. Descriptive test: As I have already written that read news papers and write on a topic daily will help you in this regard. For current topics you can follow the blog, This will help you in improving your knowledge.

3. Interview :  
 a. You should have these things before interview 
     Updated resume 
     Certificates (original+ photo copy + attested photo copy) 
     Computer related certificate or any course work in reference to your working knowledge of computer 
     Experience certificate (if you have) 
     Any award or certificate copy 
     Behavior before interview 

b.  Personal 
       Introduce your self

What are your positive and negative points

Why you opted this job 
      Where would you like to join our institute and why

What is your opinion about the job

How can you be useful to this bank

Do you have applied anywhere else than this job

If you get better opportunity than this, what would like you to do

From where you belong

What are the famous things there and name of banks belong to that place

Form where you get the information regarding this job

How much experience do you have

Why you want to leave that institute 

c.   Professional 

What do you know about this bank

How many branches this bank had

Organisational Structure of bank


What banks do

What is account and types

New technologies opted by the banks

Why this bank is in news recently

Have you ever heard about RBI

What is the role of RBI in banks

What is repo rate and reverse repo rate

If you have to open an account what step you will follow

What is ATM,

What you think that this bank to do for better relationship with their customers

Latest general topics and you opinion (should have at least 1000 word to speak) 


Conservative two-piece business suite (solid dark blue or gray is best)

Conservative long-sleeved shirt/blouse (white is best, pastel is next best)

Clean, polished, conservative shoes

Clean and well-groomed hairstyle

Clean, trimmed fingernails

Minimal cologne or perfume

No gum, candy or cigarettes

And Finally Good Luck  


Narender Sharma said...

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Ghanshyam Abrol said...

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Michelle said...

Bank exams, be it PO or clerical aren’t that difficult as people think. But the problem is the vacancies: applicant’s ratio.

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